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We are Comel Transformers

Comel Ltd. is a company with tradition of several decades in the area of energetics and power engineering. Our headquarters and production facilities are located in the Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Since 2015 we have been continuing the long-standing tradition of manufacturing and overhauling power transformers under the brand Minel Transformers. 

Minel Transformers was the leading manufacturer in the Balkan region with a network of loyal customers and partners that spread over multiple continents, covering Europe, Africa, and  Middle east.

Today, Comel Transformers is proud to continue the tradition of delivering reliable products with guaranteed quality and creating engineering solutions that meet the challenges of current and future business. 

We are a team of over 180 talented people who live our vision of renewing the production and overhaul program of power transformers in Serbia. We are open to innovation and proactive approach, respecting every personal contribution and innovative approach of our employees. For every member of our team we provide a possibility to actively work on their personal development and grow with our company.

The sustainable development is our strategic commitment. We strive to raise the quality of life of the community in which we operate and preserve natural resources.

Driven by our company values and together with our people we are “Transforming the future”!

Our business

The main production line consists of Oil Immersed power Transformers, with rated voltages up to 220kV and rated power up to 250MVA. We design and produce all our transformers in accordance with IEC 60076, EU regulations and of course Customer requests. 

In the past seven years, we made transformers for the following markets: Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Latvia, Romania, France etc.

Also, we perform reparation of old transformers, from different manufacturers, with rated voltages up to 400kV and wide spectrum of rated power. 

About the job

Comel Transformers is in a search for a Power transformer Design Engineer with experience of conducting wide spectrum of rated power and voltage levels projects. 

You will be responsible for power transformer active part design and analysis which refers to well known parts such as windings, core assembly, main insulation assembly, internal assembly connections etc., including preparation of all associated drawings and instructions for the previously mentioned parts. Performing a variety of complex engineering assignments requiring in-depth knowledge of complete power transformer production process, including cost-benefit analysis, is a must. 

This job is all about proactively seeking and implementing inovations in order to improve the complete product which leads to an increase of Customers satisfaction as well as making product with long lifespan, in the most economical way possible. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Conducting basic calculations – required during Tender stage process
  • Preparation of Technical Documentation and BoM lists during Tender submital stages
  • Conducting detailed calculations – creation of a complete design sheet
  • Conducting software simulations during design review and design approval stages
  • Preparation of Technical Documentation for Approval 
  • Preparation of Core assembly production drawings
  • Preparation of Windings assembly production drawings
  • Preparation of Insulation assembly production drawings
  • Preparation of Internal connections assembly production drawings
  • Defining order sheets for all associative equipment (OLTC, Buchholz relay, Bushings, Cooling System, etc.) including all necessary technical remarks and final order approvals
  • Defining order sheets for all associative outsourcing materials (Core laminations, Conductors, Insulation materials, etc.) including all necessary technical remarks and final order approvals
  • Attending business meetings requiring technical background, company presentations, conferences and fairs
  • Making training plans and introduction lessons for junior young engineers
  • Resolving issues which may occur during production and testing process

Your background

  • Bechelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a minimum of 5+ years of experience in power transformer design or research.
  • In–depth knowledge of power transformers complete production process
  • Experience in reviewing customer specification, preparing technical quotations and bill of material
  • Adapt to changing technology, present proposals, and conceive and foster introductions of new constructive solutions
  • Experience in the following tools is required: Microsoft Office (Excel, word, Power point, etc.), AutoCAD, SolidWorks, FEM Softwers
  • Required good communications skills 
  • Valid Drivers License required


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