Stacker 3

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Revitalization of the mining machine Stacker 3  (BRs/Ars 1600)

Investor – MB Kolubara, Tamnava, West field

Year – 2015.

In 2015. revitalization of power and industrial equipment of the mining machine Stacker 3 BRs/Ars 1600 was performed in MB Kolubara, Tamnava, West field. Revitalization project included supply of equipment (transformers, frequency inverters), PLC, cables, motors, MV and LV switchgear), installation, testing and commissioning. Delivery of goods was completed within 120 days. Installation of equipment, testing and commissioning was completed in 45 days.

Mining machine Stacker 3 BRs/Ars 1600 was the first machine that was fully revitalized and commissioned after 2014 May floods. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Department of Electric Motor Drives)