Replacement of the generator switch

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Replacement of the generator switch in the B1 block

Investor – TPP-TP Kostolac B

Year – 2016

As a part of Block 1 modernization in the Thermal Power Plant Kostolac B, replacement of the existing generator switch was performed. The Project included deinstallation of the old generator switch, installation and commissioning of a new FKG1X switch. The switch is synchronized with the existing generator at 22kV, while the switch current was increased to 15kA, in order for the switch to be compatible with a generator planned for future modernization. During the Project, factory tests of the generator switch in the GE factory (Lyon, France) were conducted, and the staff from TPP-TP Kostolac B was trained in handling and using of the FKG1X generator switch. The Project was implemented through a Comel and General Electric consortium.

Project was implemented during 2016.