EPS – World Bank

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In June 2017, COMEL d.o.o., as a power transformers manufacturer, signed the Contract with PU EPS and EPS Distribucija d.o.o. for supply of nine transformers intended for the urgent flood revitalisation project financed by the World Bank, ICB No: ERL-G-ICB-003-2015, LOT 1 Power Transformers. Contract value amounts to approximately 2.9 M EUR, VAT excluded.

We are supplying power transformers for the following transformer stations:

-          110/35/10kV Petrovac – 2 x 31.5MVA

-          110/20kV Sabac 1 – 1 x 31.5MVA

-          110/35/10kV Gornji Milanovac – 2 x 31.5MVA

-          110/35/10kV Lesnica – 2 x 20MVA

-          110/35/10kV Aleksinac – 2 x 31.5MVA

Delivery term for all nine transformers is 270 days, and delivery of first transformers is expected at the beginning of 2018.